Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Hourstriker Pin-Up

by · June 7, 2018

What is the first thing that you see when you take a look at the Ulysses Nardin Limited Edition Hourstriker PinUp? The beautiful burlesque dancer whose body is covered by the peacocks and the gold and sapphires encrusted dial. The design makes the watch stand out but not in a trashy way. It’s not too flashy or sparkly but it does draw the attention to it. What makes it special though besides the design? Here are some interesting facts about it:

The case and the strap both go together perfectly. The case itself is made up of 18 carat rose gold and it is complimented by the black leather strap. The leather strap has the usual design resembling a tire but together with the rose gold case, it creates a beautiful elegant overall design that can be worn with any kind of outfit and still stand out without looking out of place.

Another interesting detail present on the case is the Ulysse Nardin logo at the top of the case. Down at the bottom of it the words “Swiss Made” are also written in gold. This signifies that the watch is high quality since, as we all know, the Swiss have quite the reputation when it comes to designing watches.

One of the key elements of the new Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Hourstriker PinUp is the burlesque dancer whose body is covered by the peacock. The most unique function of this watch is that when the clock strikes a certain hour, the peacock’s feathers move away, revealing the dancer’s naked body. It is an interesting an edition to an otherwise unique and elegant watch. Not many companies would go as far as drawing a dancer’s naked body in the case of the watch, but it is certainly a nice addition that will keep the buyers on their toes.

The hourstrike function basically takes place whenever the owner of the watch engages the pusher or every hour and half hour. The figurine of the burlesque dancer is handpainted, a process that is painstakingly long. It is estimated that it took over 80 hours to complete, thus showing the dedication of the watchmakers.

The Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Hourstriker PinUp is unique not just thanks to the burlesque dancer and the hourstriker function, but also because only 28 of these wonderful watches will be made and sold. So if you want one hurry up!

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