The Calibre 3255

by · July 24, 2015

Rolex could very well be synonymous with innovative, as their foundation is rooted on releasing groundbreaking technology and fine-tuning their watches to be as perfect as possible.  It is no wonder that watch enthusiasts patiently wait for Rolex’s new releases. Finally, the wait is over! The ever-growing watch company, Rolex, has released its newest update: The Calibre 3255.

If you thought Rolex’s original standards were tough, they have yet again raised the bar. Improving on shock and magnetic resistance, power storage, accuracy, reliability, and easy adjustment, the Calibre 3255 comes with 14 new patents. One of these patents is the Chronergy escapement, an updated version of the Swiss lever escapement. Its features are made out of nickel-phosphorous, desensitizing the escapement to magnets. This new advancement has allowed for 15% increase in the watches power reserve. This, along with the updated high capacity barrel allowed for a combined total of a 50% increase in autonomy, for an amazing total of 70 extra hours of power reserve.


Described as the heart of the watch, the advanced oscillator features a parachrom hairspring, an optimal addition for accuracy of the watch. The oscillator is responsible for maintaining the speed and regular back and forth movement of the watch.  Since the oscillator of a Rolex beats approximately 8 times a second, it could be easily worn down by surrounding variables. The blue parachrom hairspring is unaffected by magnets, and temperature changes. It’s shock resistance can last up to ten times more than a typical hairspring. Also, the parachrom hairspring features a new and improved Breguet overcoil, keeping a steady rhythm on the watch’s oscillator.

Other additions include accelerated self-winding and an efficient gear train for even more reliability and improvements in autonomy. Rolex updated the wheels on their self-winding feature to go backwards, which makes for quicker winding in any direction. Featured in a single casting and balanced on a ball bearing, the updated self-winding has been created to be structurally sound and withstand damage from shock. The gear train features various sized wheels and gears that convert the beats from the oscillator into time. The Caliber 3255 has enhanced the lubricants used in the gear train, which plays an important role on the gear train’s functionality. All the lubricants are made in-house and increase the watch’s reliability.

The Calibre 3255 has double the precision standards of an official, COSC certified chronometer. Alongside the patents, 90% of the parts that go into their precise mechanical movements have been updated.

Over the years, Rolex has stood their ground as a company who always strives to improve through examination and growth. Their ongoing efforts and developments have yet again led them to successfully innovate the wristwatch as we know it with the Calibre 3255.

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