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24 Apr

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Cartier Santos


Elegance is a fleeting concept. It’s delicate and very easy to overdue, also very hard to distil. When it comes to watches no brand has managed to capture true elegance and style the way Cartier has. All Cartier collections have an amazing sense of style and proportion, a very imaginative play with classic watch elements and a fantastic build quality. The Cartier Santos Stainless Steel is a fantastic watch part of a truly fantastic collection. This is more than a simple watch collection, it has a history behind it that few watches and indeed few watch companies can brag with. The Cartier Santos is inspired by the friendship Louis Cartier had with the Brazilian pioneer aviator Alberto Santos Dumont. Santos’ desire to be able to tell time while flying was enough of an idea for Louis Cartier to produce the first ever wristwatch, something much more practical than the pocket watches that were very popular at the time. This watch coupled with Santos’ popularity and the end of the 20th century truly made a big impact in the way wrist watches we’re perceived and are perceived today.

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