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11 Apr

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IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph


The release of the IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph in 2016 came as a surprise to many. Despite being released during a particularly challenging time in the history of the industry, the watch was a huge success and immediately became a prominent addition to the brand’s collection. The gorgeous design of the watch coupled with its various exciting and useful features are everything you need in a watch. It is a versatile timepiece that can be worn in several occasions given its modest design and chic bezel. The watch also goes perfectly with both official and casual attire.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph is of a complex design and incorporates several features on its bezel. This might make the watch look larger than it actually is. With a diameter of 45mm and a height of 15.5mm, the watch fits elegantly on the wrist of the wearer.

One of the features of the watch that stands out most is its astonishing dial. The watch has a black dial that is decorated with several useful and stylish markings. More than anything, the dial has been crafted to not only bring out the beauty of the watch but to make it easy to read regardless of the conditions. All the hands of the watch, including the hour and minute hands are relatively large. They are also filed with lume to make them perceptible under a variety of light intensities. The lume also sets the hands apart from the white markings that don the dial. At the 12 o’clock region, the watch features a register that records the minutes and hours from the chronograph. It also has a 24-hour hand that has a red tip and is black in color.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph has an a unique and astonishing caseback. It is made of a sturdy stainless-steel material with a stylish engraving on it. The well-finished case exquisitely combines brushed and polished parts that look chic with its strap.

One of the unique features of this incredible timepiece is the fact that it can show time for multiple time zones. The feature is designed onto the bezel of the watch. To switch to a different or new time zone, all the wearer has to do is simultaneously press the bezel on two sides that are diametrically opposite and rotate it to the city for which they need to show the time. The bezel has a remarkable 24 cities. The time zone change is pretty easy to achieve.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph boasts of impeccable functionality. The watch is fitted with a chronometer, a mechanism that ensures it meets high precision standards. The markings on the bezel are also prominent to make the watch easy to read and enhance accuracy.

For comfort, the watch has a soft leather strap made of high-quality durable leather. It also has a solid clasp to hold the watch in place.

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31 Jan

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Glashutte The Senator Chronometer


The Senator Chronometer is an outstanding timepiece that is popular for more than its sleek design. The watch boasts of exceptional functionality, durability and is also pretty easy to read. The watch is inspired by the Glashutte made marine chronometers that were developed mid-20th century. Released to the market in 2009, the watch has grown in popularity across the planet, receiving attention for its chic dial and majestic case.

Nothing highlights the beauty of a watch better than its dial. The Senator Chronometer has an elegant dial that flawlessly combines a lacquered surface and fine grain to give a unique and gorgeous texture. To achieve perfection, several layers of lacquering is applied on to the dial for an amazing blend of shadow and grain.

Besides the time, the dial also has a section that details the power reserve information between AB and AUF. There is also a large and easy to read date window that enhances the appeal of the dial and is also useful when you need to tell the date.

Made of fine quality and durable white gold material, the hour and minute hands of the watch are elegantly designed. They are stunning and bold at the same time for easy reading of time. The light color of the hands is a nifty feature to give sufficient contrast with the dial’s darker color.

The watch’s chapter ring is another remarkable feature that makes it stand out. It features numerals and indexes boldly engraved on the dial. After the engraving, they are then professionally galvanized in silver. The slight contrast between the hands and the markings on the dial gives the watch a touch of style and uniqueness.

Just as the name suggests, the watch has a chronometer, a feature included to ensure its accuracy. It has the chronometer wording just beneath the power reserve indicator on the dial. For a watch to bear the chronometer title, its movement has to comply to the standards. The Senator Chronometer is made of a chronometer that is certified by the reputable German Calibration Service.

Another feature of the watch that makes it a one of a kind timepiece is its beautiful crown. the crown is proportioned, a feature that is aimed at supporting the fact that it depends on hand-wound movement. The crown is also easy to hold and is signed with the classic embossed Glashutte Original logo.

The Senator Chronometer has a characteristically thin bezel that has a well-polished finish. The thinness of the bezel provides an astonishing backdrop for the dial to look majestic. With a thickness of 12.47mm and a diameter of 42mm, the white gold case of the Senator Chronometer helps it stand out from the rest. The watch is just of the perfect size and can be worn with both official and casual wear. The caseback has a polished finish.

The watch is fitted onto an alligator strap that comes complete with a folding clasp made of high-quality white gold material.

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11 Feb

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Omega Speedmaster


First launched in 1957, the Omega Speedmaster was one of the most appreciated timepieces by those with a fine taste in motorsports and rallies. The main reasons for this were its bold design and chronograph performances. It is a well-known thing that the dial of the watch was inspired by the dashboard of Italian automobiles. Almost a decade before the Speedmaster became famous for its association with space missions, it was acknowledged by the entire watch industry as a superior chronograph with unparalleled aesthetic qualities.

The most noteworthy thing about the Speedmaster is the fact that it was the first chronograph watch ever that repositioned the tachymetric scale from the dial to the bezel.  This very important difference was just the innovation that Omega needed in order to transform its Speedmaster line into a memorable one. This change made it easier for the wearer to read elapsed time. Especially racing drivers found this improvement very useful.

So the fame of the Omega Speedmaster begun long before it was worn at the North or South Poles or on the Moon. This timeless instrument was adorning the wrists of professional race drivers a long way back, setting the foundations of Omega’s legacy.

One of the most unique variations of the classic Omega Speedmaster is called Racing. The Speedmaster Racing series includes outstanding chronograph watches that measure 40 mm in case diameter and feature a sleek matte black aluminum tachymetric ring on the bezel. The brand also offers this model with a grey/yellow, grey or grey red tachymetric scaling. Its solid stainless steel case is sturdy and fiercely constructed as to emphasize masculinity and durability. On the stunning screw-in case back there is the distinctive Seahorse emblem.

The ingenuity and authenticity of the original Speedmaster design is preserved on the new Racing line by offering the dial and sub-dials in a combination of colors that are reminiscent for the Speedmaster, but somehow these watches have a particular chromatic innovation that complete its identity. One of its most notable features are the 30-minutes and 12-hours counters and the small seconds hand sub-dial which are printed with a triangular “Clou de Paris” pattern. To offer maximum functionality, the Speedmaster Racing comes with a date window at 6 o’clock and the very durable luminescent material called Super-LumiNova is used to coat the hour markers as well as the hour and minutes hands.

The truth is that all Speedmaster models are inspired by the world of racing, but the Speedmaster Racing collection brings a more extravagant touch to the traditional black and white Speemaster look. The newer and super modern chromatics includes vivid colors like yellow, red, blue and silver. The secret is to combine the classic dial layout with contemporary textures and elements.

At the heart of the Speedmaster Racing beats a spectacular automatic mechanism developed and produced entirely by Omega. This very precise self-winding mechanical movement is known as the Omega calibre 9330 which is fitted with a Co-Axial escapement, a column-wheel chronograph mechanism and a Si14 silicon balance spring. The technical and functional performances of this chronograph movement are truly impressive providing superior precision and stability. The Racing models were constructed to endure water pressure associated with depths of 100 meters/330 feet. Also, this sporty model is offered with either a black rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet.

Basically, the new Omega Speedmaster Racing line doesn’t surprise us just with its aesthetic upgrades, but it manages to take our breath away with a state of the art movement that has been created as a middle path between a completely in-house made Omega calibre as the 9300 and a base ETA mechanism.

Omega has played with the Speedmaster dial countless times before, but the Racing series brings by far the most interesting and fun innovations. Its casual and youthful aesthetics are incredibly appealing to the modern watches enthusiasts who want to find the perfect balance between design and functionality.

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06 Sep

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Glashütte Senator Observer


Another interesting appearance at this year’s Baselworld has been the Glashütte Original Senator Observer. The brand is part of the Swatch Group and has managed to become a favorite thanks to both its classically inspired design as well as the modern approaches they sometimes take when it comes to their timepieces. While the brand is…

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