Spider Watch

by · February 27, 2013

Getting a watch you like could be a hard task as there are so many models out there, you might feel confused. However, if you were looking for something completely unique, this model is what you are looking for. The Spider Watch is one of the coolest watch gadgets you ever encountered as it comes with cool features and a totally unconventional display. This watch is a new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio and it’s inspired, as you probably figured out, by a spider web. The way you can read this watch is also quite unusual and you might even feel like you have to rewire your brain in order to do so. There are hexagonal rings that look like a spider web, but with a twist. You will see that the watch will display numbers in a concentric pattern with its 4 rings. Each of the 4 rings will represent a number and you will read those numbers from the outside-in. This way you can tell time and it’s definitely unique. The watch will also feature a cool clear LCD screen that makes things even more interesting. This clear LCD screen lets you see through it, so the watch face is actually transparent with the dials standing out.


With a cool design, this watch is one of the few watches that were ever made to be transparent, so you will get something really unique; there were other designs of transparent watches discussed, but this is the only one that was possible with the technology available. This is not just a watch that tells you the time; it’s more of a fashion statement, an accessory, a way to express your unique personality. If you want something classy and conventional this is definitely a bad idea as it is only meant for those who want a dash of originality in their lives.

This cool gadget watch can be used to offer one of the best gifts you will ever give to someone, something so amazing and cool that will blow them away. A person who loves gadgets or different types of technology will be absolutely thrilled if you offer them this watch; even a person who is not that interested in gadgets will appreciate this cool watch, because it’s so amazing! It can easily replace jewelry if you simply want an accessory that will shadow every accessory in the room. And it’s also a very practical accessory after all.

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