Perrelet Turbine XS

by · November 25, 2012

A gorgeous watch designed especially for the sophisticated urban lady, with taste and money. This is another masterpiece by the people from Perrelet, a watch that is very refined and elegant, a watch that when worn, stands out and elevates any attire. It can be worn to just about any occasion as long as it is high class. Cultural, political or business events are a perfect to showcase this masterpiece. The watch looks fantastic in both a stainless steel as in DLC covered stainless steel finish. This glamorous model comes with diamonds on the case, bezel and horn sides. The dial has a simple design, with subtle Arabic numerals and tastefully sized hands. The Perrelet logo is also visible on the top of the watch, without being too loud.

It has a P-181 double rotor, exclusive to Perrelet with a power reserve of 40 hours. It is water resistant up to 5 atmospheres so it’s safe if you forget to take it off when showering however you should try to avoid swimming with it. The strap is white satin; with a stainless steel folding clasp. The case has a diameter of 41 mm making this a rather big watch that would look great on women with medium to slightly bigger wrists. The case is stainless steel and the sapphire crystal is scratch resistant with an anti-glare coating on both the front and the back. The under dial is white mother of pearl with brilliant stones. It has 28800 vibrations per hour and 21 rubies.

This is more than a watch, it is a lifestyle choice. This watch is made for the powerful, professional women who want to have the best quality watches made with the absolute best materials. The precision and durability of the Perrelet Turbine XS is also a key factor making it a very coveted accessory. So if you want something that would set you apart from the average consumer, if you want a piece of excellence, something that would show the fact that you have an eye for beauty and elegance, if you want the best when it comes to luxury watches then this is something that will certainly interest you.

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