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Christophe Claret Baccara


Christophe Claret is renowned for pushing the boundaries of time piece design and his latest collection is no exception. The Swiss watchmaker blends innovative design with the finest precision available on the market to produce a truly unique product, one that has all the quality of a big brand luxury watch while giving its wearer a totally unique experience.

The Baccara model is no exception to Claret’s boundary pushing. This stunning watch has a casino theme and with three games cleverly incorporated in it there is no effort made to conceal or subdue this theme. The watch includes baccarat, roulette and dice in a package that interacts with the tactile, auditory and visual senses of its wearer.

Christophe Claret Baccara

The baccarat game, which gives this watch its name, is a marvel of precision engineering. The player’s cards appear at 6 o’clock and are visible in three windows. The bank’s cards are displayed at 12 o’clock. In order to mix the cards the player only has to push a button situated at 9 o’clock while the button located at 8 o’clock helps distribute the cards. This unique function is possibly due to the amazingly complex construction of the watch. The innovation doesn’t stop here as two more games are integrated in this beautiful watch.

The watch has a mechanical movement with automatic winding, making it not only self-sufficient but also a great investment as this is a highly desirable feature even when it comes to expensive designer watches. The movement has a total of 538 components and 40 jewels as well as double barrels.

The power reserve is approximately 72 hours, giving its users more than enough continuous activity without any winding action. The escapement is a 4 Hz  Swiss lever-type. The Baccarat has 3 main functions; an hour and minutes one, the 3 games which give it its unique charm and aspect as well as a patented cathedral gong.

The case has a diameter of 45 mm with a thickness of 15.92, giving the Baccarat amazing presence on any wrist, regardless of its size. Its size and stylish aspect make it the perfect accessory for a tailored suit, but also give it enough of a laidback vibe so that it can work with a less formal outfit. The watch has a water resistance of up to 30 meters or 100 feet.

The case is made from red gold and black PVD-treated titanium. The dial has the same PVD-treatment while also including an interesting dragon motif. The series is limited to 9 pieces.

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01 Mar

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Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M


Omega is one of the biggest names in the world of watchmaking. From James Bond to air and sea themed models, from celebratory models, dedicated to great world figures to collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands, Omaga has done it all.

In its amazing and extremely diverse offer one thing appears the same regardless of model or the time it was designed and that is the quality and durability of all Omega watches.

Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M

When it comes to quality and durability the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M is no exception. It’s rugged exterior and the incredibly complex mechanism which powers it create a perfect symbiosis, one which delivers a beautiful and reliable time piece, a timepiece which can be considered a good investment as its price is bound to rise in future years.

The Ploprof has an automatic movement which makes your watch effective and very reliable on top of its precision and aspect. The case is made from steel with an impressive diameter of 55 by 48 mm. The large size of the watch is a detail which might scare off some potential customers, however, the interesting design features and unusual shape make it a well-balanced time piece which looks good on any wrist regardless of its size, be it very small or large.

The watch, as the series would suggest, performs very well in wet conditions and is waterproofed up to 120 bar or 1200 meters. The bezel is also made from high-quality steel giving this watch the durable rugged aspect which Omega has gotten us used to.

The sapphire glass has a special scratchproof coating which makes the watch virtually indestructible as well as easy to read in any weather conditions thanks to the glare proofing. The dial is black, contrasting the cold grey of the steel and creating a well-balanced look which can basically go with just about any color combination. The watch is made for casual wear and due to its size and pedigree is designed to shine in a water based environment.

The bracelet is made from orange rubber while the watch can be safely attached to your wrist thanks to a classic fold clasp made from the same steel the bezel and case are made from.

The Ploprof is a new addition to the diving heritage of Omega, employing the latest technology in order to provide professional divers and watch connoisseurs with an amazing timepiece which performs as good as it looks.

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04 Feb

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Christophe Claret Black Jack


Cristophe Claret is one of the hottest names in the current watchmaking industry. The Swiss watchmaker and designer has revolutionized a field which was considered by many to be quite rigid in terms of its products and has basically created a new trend which focuses on creating interactive watches that give their owners more than just a time piece.

The casino theme of the latest Cristophe Claret collection is definitely noticeable in the design of the watches, however, the elegant and discrete functions as well as the beautiful overall shape transforms them into instant classics which are bound to become quite an investment opportunity thanks to the limited numbers of the collection.

Christophe Claret Black Jack

The Cristophe Claret BalckJack model is one of the best of the casino themed collection and when you catch a glimpse of it is no surprise. Besides incorporating numerous functions and clever design features this beautiful watch includes three casino game classics; blackjack, roulette and dice. This makes the watch an extremely versatile accessory which you can easily wear with formal outfits to just about any occasion, regardless of its theme. The casino theme also gives this watch a relaxed vibe which, along with the design makes it perfect for more casual outfits as well, just as long as you include a jacket or a shirt in there.

The BlackJack model has a mechanical movement with a self-winding mechanism which allows you to basically just wear your watch without having to worry too much about winding it. The movement’s dimensions are 38 .6 mm in diameter with 9.34 mm in thickness. The watch has 501 components with 40 jewels as well as double barrels. The power reserve of this Cristophe Claret model is somewhere around 72 hours, sufficient independence to not make winding your watch a hassle. The escapement is a 4 Hz Swiss lever type.

The watch also has 3 major functions; the hours and minutes one, the blackjack, dice and roulette games and the cathedral gong.

The case has a diameter of 45 mm with a thickness of 15.92 mm, making it a balanced watch, ideal for just about any size of writs, from large ones to small and medium ones. It has a water resistance that can go up to 3 ATM or 30 meters.

The case is made from red gold and PVD-treated grade 5 titanium while the dial is also PVD treated. The production of the watch is limited to 21 pieces.

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07 Jan

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IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer


IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer was created in 2013 when the IWC Schaffhausen partnered with Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. Both companies brought their own designers and engineers to create something that would break the standards for precision and performance at the time. This is how IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer was created with a stainless steel case and with the Formula One engraving. The timepiece was a great success and it was considered to be one of the best watches of the year. Its design, a very rough and masculine one, was paired with the most efficient type of movement the 8936` caliber which helps create a unique watch. The watch features a tachymeter scale where you can calculate the average speed for up to 1 km. Other features include the interesting flyback function that allows the wearer to reset the stopwatch to zero and then restart timing. This was created to suggest that the watch is a great tool for racers as it can record pit stop time extremely easy.

iw378508 IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer

Design wise the watch is combined with a black rubber strap that has a black alligator leather inlay for a very comfortable feel. It features a mechanical chronograph movement with 38 jewels and an incredible 68 hour power reserve when it is fully wound.

The watch is available with a slate colored dial and black totalizers or on a silver dial with silver totalizers and blue hands. Whatever model you prefer, you will certainly love the color scheme that has been chosen for its design as both of them are very masculine and quite contemporary chic. Both types of dials also have elements that suggest the combined efforts of the companies, for example the red 60 was inspired by the digital display of the Mercedes Petronas steering wheel on the team racing car.

Both models feature a date display with a crown activated rapid advance along with stopwatch functions with hours, minutes and small hacking seconds. The sapphire glass is flat and has been coated with anti-reflective substances on both sides. When it comes to its diameter, the watch case has a measure that will perfectly adjust to smaller and bigger wrists, with a 45 mm case it is a great addition to your watch collection. The water resistance of the IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer is about 12 bar which allows you to go for a swim while wearing it in safety but definitely avoid diving with it.

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21 Dec

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Radioir Panerai 8 Days Ceramic


The Radiomir is one of Panerai’s most simple looking watches but don’t let the smooth finishing and simple color scheme fool you as it is also a complex piece of engineering that combines stunning design features with amazing durability and one of the most beautiful designs the brand has put out in the last couple…

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30 Nov

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Forged Carbon


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is a stunning watch that is part of a unique collection. The new innovations that have been used by this legendary company have basically changed the way watches are manufactured all over the world. The collection takes a natural material and combines it with high tech elements such as carbon, ceramic…

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08 Nov

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Panerai Luminor GMT


The incredible Panerai Luminor GMT has been created for professionals who need a sturdy watch that looks good and feels good. The watch is automatic mechanical with the exclusive Panerai OP VIII caliber and 21 jewels. Its mechanism also contains the Panerai personalized oscillating weight and a technology called Glucydur balance and Incabloc anti-shock device….

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16 Oct

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A. Lange & Söhne’s Little Saxonia Soiree


One of the most bedazzling watches produced by A. Lange & Sohne the Little Saxonia Soiree is a fantastic example of opulence and luxury all packed in an amazing tribute to one of the most culturally rich regions in the world. This amazing timepiece is made from a series of 18 carat diamonds. A Lange…

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Zenith El Primero New Vintage 1960


Sometimes it seems that the high-end watch world is a made for men world that only looks out to them whenever a new watch is created. Women are often overlooked by the market and the women watches that are absolutely gorgeous and not just smaller models created after the men watches are pretty rare.  Here…

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TAG Heuer Caliber 36


The Grand Carrera Caliber 36 is a celebration of quality manufacturing, bringing together two of the biggest names from their individual field, TAG Heuer and Porsche. This amazing watch manages to capture the essence of both brands creating one of the most popular and amazing time pieces in modern history. The appearance of the Carrera…

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