Kisai Pocket Watch

by · February 14, 2013

If you want to be the coolest of your friends and really impress everybody with the way you accessorize yourself, you probably know about the lovely Kisai Pocket Watch. This cool watch will bring the vintage in a whole new form, as you will manage to be extravagant with a dash of elegance. You don’t have to wear your watches on your wrist, now you can simply wear them in your pocket just like a 19th century gentleman. Also, ladies will love the originality so you can easily impress them with this wonder of technology. Such an amazing pocket watch can only be paired with an amazing outfit, so make sure that you match it with originality there too.

You get this round, beautiful styled in a classic design watch that features a round stainless steel case with a spring-hinged cover and crystal lens that measure 46.8 cm in diameter and 13.2 mm in thickness. This lovely watch is also connected to a 35cm stainless steel chain with a hook so that you can easily hang this beauty onto your clothes, be them a waistcoat, or even a belt loop. Imagine the next time someone asks you what time it is, you will be able to tell them the time in a vintage manner like a real gentleman.

Kisai Pocket Watch

This lovely watch also features an always –on display, which will always be there without even turning the backlight on. You will also notice another cool feature, the fact that this amazing watch comes with a touch-sensitive screen that features four hot zones that you can tap to change mode. All these cool zones correspond to the time, date, alarm and light switch so you can easily change them with a gesture. All you have to do is hold your finger on the hot zone for a few seconds and a screen pops up with a cool menu.

The way you read time on this watch is also unique as it comes with a cool design of blocks, square dots and rings. If you want to read the time you will have to look at the large blocks on the outside that represent the hours; if you want to see the minutes all you have to do is look at the square dots on the inside. For the seconds you will use the innermost rings. Of course, this might take a little practice, but you will surely manage to get the grip of it.

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