InPulse Smartwatch

by · January 29, 2013

It can seem that watches are no longer needed given the fact that we always have a phone with us that can very easily display time. InPulse has decided that watches can work with smartphones to offer a pretty interesting gadget that does not just offer a James Bond inspired look, but also proves to be quite useful. This smartwatch looks very nice with a large screen and a silver case but the true value comes when you connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This turns it from a simple watch into a notification gadget that informs you of your phone activity without even having to take it out of your pocket.

The InPulse smartwatch is highly customizable and users can easily twitch around with the settings to make it just right. You can set it to alert you with a sound or just to vibrate when something requires your attention. The nice part is that you can set certain profiles as important and others as ignorable thus only getting alerts on your watch if something urgent happens, such as the wife calling.

InPulse smartwatch

The screen allows you to read high profile e-mails or text messages directly on your wrist or see who is calling before making the decision to get the phone out and answer. In some ways, it is like having a small phone on your wrist that is reserved for important things while giving you the option to ignore anything else.

Sadly, the smartwatch is not yet compatible with iPhones but it does work with Android and BlackBerry and there are some apps already available on Google Play and AppWorld. Also, the community is encouraged to develop new apps for this watch so there are always new things to try out with the watch-phone combination. The battery can be charged by micro USB and it can last for a pretty long time. The cool element is certainly there and the 1.26” OLED display is just the right size so that the watch doesn’t seem too big but at the same offers a clear display of the text or caller ID.

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