Hublot Atelier Courtesy Watch

by · January 17, 2013

When it comes to watchmaking, there are brands that are known for their design and others that are known mostly for their mechanism, but fortunately there are a few brands that are really impressive in both design and the technology used for their mechanisms. One of these companies is Hublot and here you can admire one of their most outstanding watches, the Hublot Atelier Courtesy Watch. This watch is unfortunately not for sale, but it can be loaned to customers, thus creating stronger bonds between Hublot and its fans. This is a great opportunity for people to wear an exquisite Hublot watch without any charge. For every client that leaves their own Hublot watch for a checkup or repair, they will receive this model until they get their own watch back. This shows the respect and care that the company has for their customers. Remember that the watch is only available at the official Hublot boutiques.

 The design can be considered very simple but that’s a positive aspect since it needs to satisfy so many customers. It has a dark color and is made in black composite with a pin buckle attached to the rubber strap also made of composite. The screws and crown are made of steel, which complement the beautiful dark color of this watch in its futuristic design. All the elements of this watch were made in Switzerland and it seems that the company wanted to create something that would make a great fusion between classic lines and modern design. The watch comes with quartz movement that has date and small seconds.

Since the watch is also in a limited edition, those who will receive it are at the discretion of the boutiques that would take care of their watches; however, one thing is certain, they will definitely enjoy an experience with a new watch until they get their own. This seems like an amazing gesture done by the company and a very unique way to make sure that they improve their relationship with the clients. If you weren’t impressed by Hublot until now, this will definitely make you choose them for your next purchase.

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