How to Find the Serial Numbers on a Rolex Watch

by · December 20, 2013

Finding the serial number on a Rolex is critical to verifying its authenticity.  Before purchasing a Rolex, you should always look at the serial number and compare it to that on any paperwork you are given with the watch to be sure that all is in order.  Further, you should know the model number to be sure that the watch you buy is the one you believe you are getting.  Many models of Rolex look very similar but they are actually different models.

Rolex Submariner

However, the model and serial numbers are not simply printed on the back of a Rolex.  You must know how to locate them and how to open up the wrist band connectors on your watch to find these important numbers.  It is also important to know how to reassemble your Rolex after locating these numbers.

In order to find the serial number or model number on a Rolex, take the following steps:

  • Find a push pin such as the type you stick notes to on a cork bulletin board.  This type of pin has a good-sized finger grip at the top and is the right size to open the Rolex.
  • Hold the watch at the end closest to the 12 on the dial.
  • Looking at the side of the watch, locate the small pin where the band joins the watch itself.
  • Holding the band steady, insert the pin into one side.  Repeat on the other side.
  • Remove the band and the model number will appear on the top of the watch that was previously hidden by the links.  Write down the model number.
  • To replace the band, line up the end of the band with the lug with the pin protruding.
  • With the flat end, not the point, of the push pin, push in the pin until you hear a “pop.” Repeat on both sides.
  • To find the serial number, repeat the same set of steps but on the end of the watch closest to the 6 on the dial.
  • Be sure to securely push the pins back in place and tug gently on the band to be sure it is in proper position.

If you have additional questions there are a number of good resources online such as the guide at Bob’s Watches , which provides a number of online watch tutorials.

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