Glashütte Senator Observer

by · September 6, 2015

Another interesting appearance at this year’s Baselworld has been the Glashütte Original Senator Observer. The brand is part of the Swatch Group and has managed to become a favorite thanks to both its classically inspired design as well as the modern approaches they sometimes take when it comes to their timepieces.

While the brand is easily recognizable thanks to its numerous classic elements, one of the most popular collections ever released by the German watchmaker is the Senator Seventies, a sports watch that managed to attract both critical acclaim as well as good sales numbers.

Glashütte Senator Observer

The Glashütte Original Senator Observer is not the conventional sports watch; however, it has a few more traditional, some would say classier elements that make it a fantastic watch for daily use. One of the major themes for this Glashütte model is the naval observation clock, a favorite among numerous other Glashütte models.

The watch comes with a caliber 100-14 automatic movement which works at 4Hz or 28,800 bph. It has a power reserve of 55 hours, allowing users to not worry about it for at least two days. The black dial concentrates on offering visibility through the near perfect symmetry of the design. Other details included in the dial are a panorama date function as well as a power reserve indicator.

Nighttime visibility is also excellent thanks to the luminant 18k gold hands. In fact, most details on the dial are lume-coated, allowing for near perfect visibility during law light conditions.

The vintage font used on the Glashütte Original Senator Observer is inspired from a collection of observation clocks. The steel polished case of the watch is 44mm wide and 12 mm thick. The water resistance of the Glashütte is just 50 meters. While it may have numerous sporty elements, the watch is in no way good for swimming or other similar activities.

AR-coated sapphire crystal covers the dial as well as the stunningly beautiful caseback, giving the watch a timeless beauty while also ensuring that it will look brand new for years to come. In order to give it a classy yet sporty look the watch also has some brushed steel finishes on the side.

When it comes to the strap, fans of the Glashütte Original Senator Observer can go with a black calf skin model which gives the watch a more classic quality, working particularly well with the black dial. A steel bracelet is also available for a sportier look.

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