Glashutte Pavonina

by · May 18, 2016

Glashütte Pavonina is a spectacular 20th Century-inspired ladies watch that evokes vintage beauty. Created to bring charm and distinction into the modern era, this quintessential piece is a brilliant tribute to women. Luxury, preciosity and romance are just a few of the subtle qualities encapsulated into this magnificent Glashütte timepiece which celebrates women in all their beautiful style diversity.

The Pavonina collection is more than just a dazzling collection of amazingly seductive watches. It is a contemporary line of extravagant and refined jewelries suitable for confident ladies. The name “Pavonina” is defining for the design of these watches. The Latin term means “peacock” which suggests an eye-catching burst of glittering beauty and color, a theme recreated on the dial by using golden semi-circles filled with exquisite diamonds.

The dial of the watch is seemingly complex. The black and gold contrast is highlighted by a hypnotic circular symmetry that gravitates around the rare beauty of bright diamonds that mirror all the different faces of modern style.  The aesthetics of the dial ranges from extraordinary opulence to subtle elegance. The semi-circular rose gold details evoke the visual effect of a majestic peacock’s tail. The overall design suggests femininity and refinement.


Diamonds play a very important part in creating the extravagant and unique look of this timepiece. The intricate circular diamonds lines aren’t used just for decorating the dial, but also for embellishing the case and bracelet. There are four rows of diamonds on the upper right part of the front case and three links enriched with the same type of diamonds on the upper part of the bracelet. By adding so much glitter on the watch, the brand has created a very distinctive and precious piece that is able to empower the modern woman with luxury and finesse.

This feminine and opulent timepiece is powered by a quartz movement developed by Glashütte which offers the same level of precision, durability and functionality as the brand’s most intricate automatic movements. Besides the time telling feature, the watch also includes the date function represented by a small date window located at 6 o’clock.

The model comes with a cushion shaped case design that was extremely popular back in the ‘20s. This retro inspired dial is available in 18 k red gold, stainless steel and a fascinating combination of stainless steel and red gold. The dial also comes in a series of versions such as galvanized silver or ruthenium adorned with cabochon or diamond indexes as hour markers. The bi-color variations are made with a mother of pearl or galvanized ruthenium dial. Besides the 18 k rose gold bracelet, the collection also includes an attractive choice of colorful satin straps, a stainless steel and bi-color metallic bands.

Considering the rich addition of precious stones, the Glashütte Original Pavonina isn’t the most affordable timepiece on the market. The price for this extravagant red gold version full set with diamonds is about 32,000 euros. The model was produced in a limited edition of 20 pieces and it was launched at an exclusive 1920s themed party which took place in a rich New York Upper East Side mansion with a multi-story waterfall and lush décor. The goal was to present the watch as a royal design dedicated to the wealthiest and most stylish women on earth.

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