Girard-Perregaux Chronograph

by · January 3, 2014

Several watch companies have impeccable standards, use the best materials available and have a tradition of excellence. They produce amazing time pieces that are passed down and treasured by generations to come. Then there are watch companies that do all that and simply have that extra something to make them classics; that takes them one step forward and make them a statement, a benchmark of human excellence. The Girard-Perregaux Chronograph has all the levels of manufacturing excellence, plus that extra bit of character to make it a classic watch.

Girard chrono

Often enough classic is confused with antiquated. However, in its case the Girard-Perregaux Chronograph doesn’t only use the latest technologies available but the manufacturing process that creates the ceramic case is extremely complex and intricate. The case starts off as a ceramic powder made mostly out of zirconium oxide. It is then mixed with an array of polymers and baked in a 1500 degree Celsius oven until the hard, smooth perfect case is obtained. It isn’t only hard but also proves to be quite resistant to wear and tear while being light and hypoallergenic for those with a predisposition to certain rashes.

The watch also comes with rubber coated crowns and a diameter of 43 millimeters, making it the perfect choice for every type of wrist. It has a water resistance of 10 atmospheres and can go down to about 330 feet. It also comes with a wide array of functions like hour minute and second hands, a world time indicator with a night and day function a chronograph and a date function. The design maintains a sort of intricacy that seems complicated at the beginning but once you take a closer look you actually realize that it’s easy to read and use.

The watch however doesn’t come cheap so it’s definitely created for those who can afford a little extra when it comes to their accessories. The high level of craftsmanship, the durability and the high quality materials make this watch a lot more than just a watch as it manages to become a beautiful work of art that you can wear wherever you go.

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