Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk

by · September 9, 2013

A beautiful watch fit for people with exquisite taste, the Girard Perregaux Chrono Hawk is definitely something to wish for. Although this collection dates from the 40’s it managed to have a new 21 century look in this remade version. The watch features a chronograph and it seems that the brand managed to get more attention to sports watches too.

Although this watch features a classic look, it’s definitely a modern improvement to the old watch and certainly to the Girard-Perregax watches, creating a whole new market for their products and perhaps attracting younger customers.  This watch series definitely focuses a lot on getting more resistant and rougher watches and it probably managed to do so in a very high end way.


The watch comes with a 44 mm wide case made of steel that seems to be a combination of the brand’s old style watches but also with new interesting additions. it seems that the case has been beautifully curved and the chronograph features new pushers. Also, the watch is resistant to 1000 meters, which makes it perfect for those who want to take it for a swim, even in rougher conditions. The design also features rubber between the case and the bezel but also small other rubber accents. This gives it a smooth and almost casual look that many will probably love. The watch features a tachymeter and also minute and seconds chronographs. You will notice that although the design is simple, there are some interesting details that make this watch stand out. For example it features a beautiful honeycomb texture on the dial and it comes with small but nice looking orange accents on the chronograph hands and the seconds hand.  Although the watch falls in the big watches category, it will probably sit comfortably on any type of wrist. Also, the leather strap that is mixed with rubber accents will provide enough comfort for long term wear so it’s a great watch for all occasions.

You will certainly love this model, especially if you are looking for something modern but which embodies some elegant elements most high tech/futuristic watches miss.

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