Fake Rolex Presidential

by · April 18, 2013

So called “best replica site” was recommended by several friends as the best place for genuine looking Rolex watches. Not the type of cheap looking copies you usually find in the flea market. Judging by the watches they received, it seemed like a sure bet. I mean, these watches looked so authentic that not even professional jewelers could tell the difference when resizing the band or cleaning the watches.

The next step was to go online and browse the website to see what my options are. I just love their Rolex collection. I was looking to get a Rolex DayDate Replica. You see I have always wanted to wear a Rolex President and glance at it from time to time to see its beautiful shine on my wrist. Of course, I would never afford a real one because I don’t have $10 000 or so to invest in a watch, but I was more than prepared to invest a couple hundred dollars in a top notch replica. If this knock-off could finally give me the satisfaction of wearing a Rolex President then it is definitely worth its money.

I selected a beautiful DayDate with a blue dial and diamond markers. In just a couple of minutes I placed my order. Once my order was submitted I immediately received emails confirming that the order went through, that the payment was processed successfully and that the item is being prepared for shipping. For the next two days I was constantly checking my emails to see if it was shipped, I was impatiently viewing the item online and imagining how it would be to finally have it in my hands. On the third day still no email about shipment. I have called the company on the contact phone number. I was explained in a very polite manner that there was a slight delay in the shipping due to a stock shortage and that my order will be dispatched the following day. Indeed, the following day I got my email with the tracking number and after only 7 business days the item was delivered successfully.

my fake rolex

The watch was just like pictured on the website and wearing it was more than I had imagined it will be. The clear sapphire crystal was flawless, not even a mark or a scratch on it, the small little laser crown laser etched at 6 o’clock was perfectly replicated and the quality of the stainless steel was outstanding. The watch feels very heavy and sturdy. It is a surprisingly well made copy. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t know how to set the time, day and date. I contacted customer service and asked for instructions on how to use it. Again the operator was extremely friendly and helpful. He explained how to operate the watch and waited until he made sure I was able to correctly set the watch.

In the first few weeks I have worn the watch continuously. I only took it off while sleeping and this because I was afraid of not hitting it over the night stand when stopping the alarm clock in the morning. At home, at work and on vacations my watch received tons of compliments and each time this made me feel like the center of the world. When I wear my Rolex President I am a different person. I feel more confident and more appealing to others. People also pay greater attention to what I say and what I wear. For them I am one of those who value and afford this luxury watch.

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