Don’t Buy Fakes

Replica watches have grown in quality over the last years and are becoming more popular and a bigger and bigger piece of the watch market. This being said, it doesn’t mean that buying a replica watch is necessarily a good idea.

They are of poor quality and will end up costing a lot.

Although replica watches are of better quality than in the past, they are still poorly made, out of cheap materials most of the time, and have a shorter lifetime than one expects even from a replica watch. They are much easier to scratch or have mechanisms that will fall apart sooner, so the money you think you’re saving by buying a replica will actually go away when you pay to get them repaired or when you have to throw them away and buy a new watch. Couple this with all the wasted time and frustration and you can plainly see that price or quality wise they are not a very good deal.  Other than just being poorly made and being prone to malfunction they are bad keepers of time. Their mechanisms are poorly built most of the time out of cheap quartz and are really imprecise, so not only are you getting an easily broken watch, you are getting one that can’t even keep time well since it can be pretty hard to find a good quality replica watch.

They are easy to spot and impress little to no one. 

Unfortunately most of the replica watches out there can be seen from a mile away for what they are, replicas, lower quality watches. Not to mention the ridiculous situations they might put their buyers in, let’s say for example you have a middle class job with an average salary and are wearing a replica of a watch that’s worth a six figure sum. Not only will you not fool anyone, but you will also look ridiculous as you are trying to pass something that’s clearly a fake as a luxury accessory.

They may be cheaper but they are also valueless.

An authentic watch can be seen as more than just a purchase, it can be seen as an investment, especially when buying a limited edition watch. These watches if maintained in a proper way will actually increase in value, sometimes even double in price over a longer period of time. A replica, even a well-made replica, will never be more than just a watch; it will never gain value, but will practically become valueless as soon as you buy it.

Why people buy replicas

Cool extra features or new technology? Don’t even think about it.

So maybe you don’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a watch because it has a powerful and recognizable brand, maybe you want a watch because it incorporates some new technology, an interesting feature, or is more resistant in certain situations, like watches that have a high pressure resistance. Well, that still doesn’t mean that buying a replica of such a watch is a good idea. Replicas, no matter how closely they may resemble the authentic watch never have the same mechanisms, or the same technology implemented in them, but rather, are the same quartz time pieces you can buy for a couple of dollars at any cheap store. So they won’t be water resistant at impressive depths, they won’t have the coolest new features, even if the dial would appear to suggest that and they certainly aren’t going to implement some new technology that will make your watch more durable or precise.

So even though it may seem at first to be a good idea or it appears that you are making a great deal by getting something of good quality for little money, it’s not, and buying a replica watch is not a viable option if you want to have a quality time piece. It might also take too long to find a good replica watch out there, especially online, where you cannot see the product.