Cleaning And Maintaining Your Watch

by · July 24, 2012

If you have a really expensive watch that you want to keep for a longer time, you should know a few tips on how to maintain it even before buying it because its durability starts to go down the moment you wear it. Also, this doesn’t only apply to expensive watches, perhaps you have a really beautiful watch that you want to keep for a longer time.

If your watch gets dirty the best option you have when cleaning it is using a soft brush. If you need to use water also use a soft cloth with it. Don’t use any type of detergent unless you have something that is meant for cleaning watches. Make sure that whatever you use doesn’t get inside the watch and damages the mechanism.

Sometimes when your watch stays for too long under extreme temperatures, it might develop some sort of fog inside because of the moisture. If this happens you should carefully open it and just wipe it with a cloth without touching the mechanism. You can also bring it to a watchmaker or somebody who knows how to repair watches. They might also use some solutions that will prevent any type of damaging to the internal mechanism whenever the watch comes in contact with moist.

For the bracelet, you can use the same technique but make sure that you dry it well if it’s not made from a precious metal because it might get stained and damaged. This also applies for other metal parts of your watch. If your watch has a leather band, things are easier but a leather band might need to be moisturized from time to time to avoid getting dry and cracked. This can be easily done with any type of moisturizer on the market.

Inspecting your watch from time to time to establish whether it is in good condition or not is a must. Also, try not to leave it in the sun or in humidity like your bathroom or something similar because that will lead to early deterioration. A watch can last for many years if you treat it well.

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