Choosing The Right Wrist Watch

by · June 12, 2017

A wrist watch is a very important piece of accessory, especially for men. If you want to choose a wrist watch, there are some tips you should follow because it’s really important to keep some aspects in mind, especially if you want to wear it for a long time.

Choosing a color – If you are not the type of guy who likes dressing the same, perhaps a watch with a neutral color is the perfect decision. This is great because it can be combined with all your outfits. Also, if you are a sporty person, just buy a sports watch and don’t go for the classic styles because you will barely wear them.

Bracelet or leather – it’s good to get both and if the store can offer a deal on them it’s recommended to get something you can change according to different circumstances. For example, wearing a bracelet on rainy weather can ruin it but you can change your bracelet with your leather trip under these circumstances. Also, if you want your watch to look more casual you can choose the bracelet or the leather band if you wish for a more classic look.

Go for automatic mechanism – even if the watch is extremely beautiful, it might not be convenient if it doesn’t have an automatic mechanism. An automatic mechanism makes your watch much more reliable and also more durable.  Also, if it’s a really expensive watch and you get bored with it, you can resale it at a much better price because most people prefer an automatic mechanism.

Practicability and functions – if you find yourself in the position to choose between a nice looking watch and one that has a lot of functions, it is recommended to choose the latter. You will benefit from a lot of functions such as calendar, temperature, or even altitude and that’s what a good watch is supposed to do, make your life easier. As opposite to minimalist watches, the watches with a lot of functions also look amazing so there’s not much to decide about when it comes to choosing between something that looks really good and something very practical.

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