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03 Apr

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Perrelet Regulator Retrograde


Whether watches are just mere accessories that can show off your status or they still pose an importance in a society full of gadgets is up to you to decide; however, the Perrelet Regulator Retrograde seems to be a combination of both, making an amazing contrast with other high end watches that can be found nowadays.

The name of the company comes from Abraham Louis Perrelet who was a renowned Swiss horologist that invented the self-winding mechanism in 1770 for pocket watches. So the watches made by the company are actually using a modified version of the original movement, which is now called automatic. The version uses a spinning rotor visible through the dial side of the watch.


The Perrelet Regulator Retrograde is a watch that has achieved a lot of praise for the way it looks and the technology used behind it. It seems that the watch uses a mix of complications that is unique in the high end watch world. It features a retrograde hour display, with regulator style separation between the hour, minutes and seconds but also a periphery style date display. Actually these turbine watches that feature a visible spinning rotor are the trademark of Perrelet watches and the reason why people choose them. This makes for an interesting style great for grabbing people’s attention to this superb watch. This particular model is in gold and has a case that measures 42 mm; there’s also a cheaper version in steel and a more casual-sporty version that comes in titanium and it’s a bit larger, measuring 43.5mm. This model doesn’t only have gold on the case, but also on the dial and comes with a pretty high price of over 20 000 dollars.

The watch is water resistant for up to 50 meters, features the P-221 movement and has a sapphire crystal for the back and front of the case.  The bracelet is an alligator leather model that is perfect for elegant attire.

Whether you want a watch that has modern mechanism or you want one that looks elegant enough but not too old, you can have them both combined in this superb watch.

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27 Dec

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Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor


This is another unique, limited edition by Perrelet. A true legend in watchmaking the Perrelet brand has come up with some amazing watches in its 200 plus year history. The Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor is one of its most recent masterpieces, a watch of such elegant and unique design and beauty that you can’t but be in awe. With the occasion of the year of the dragon in the Chinese calendar, the people at Perrelet came up with this breath taking design.

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25 Nov

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Perrelet Turbine XS


A gorgeous watch designed especially for the sophisticated urban lady, with taste and money. This is another masterpiece by the people from Perrelet, a watch that is very refined and elegant, a watch that when worn, stands out and elevates any attire. It can be worn to just about any occasion as long as it is high class. Cultural, political or business events are a perfect to showcase this masterpiece…

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