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10 Mar

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Montblanc’s Régulateur Nautique


If you are looking for precise movement and a high end company that produces quality timepieces, Montblanc is the company that would probably suit your needs. One of their most famous watches is the Montblanc’s Regulateur.

A precise movement watch has always been created for more purposes than just reading time; actually, the first watches and the first modern technologies when it came to time telling were created with specific purposes in mind for professionals. For example, captains, aviators and other people who needed accurate measuring were the first clients that wore watches with famous amazingly accurate mechanisms. Throughout time, these mechanisms were available for the general population and there were even watches created as tribute to those professional adventurers. The Montblanc watch is known to have paid tribute to the early navigational timepieces by creating the watch known as the Régulateur Nautique. The watch was the famous piece of the Villeret 1858 collection with only 8 exclusively limited sets produced.

Montblanc Regulateur Nautique

When you first take a look at this watch you will notice how the elements give interesting insights of various key points in the history of navigation. The regulator dial comes with a central minute hand and a separate hours sub dial at 12 o’clock; it also has a different display of seconds that has been considered to be a tribute to the regulator pendulum clocks that were used in harbormasters’ offices in ports. The dial comes with eight indicators showing two different time zones: home and local time. It also displays day and night and comes with a chronograph a 30 minute counter, small seconds and a combined power reserve and winding zone display. The latter are a homage the depths and shallows in the sea. Also, the watch comes with a skeletonized hour hand inside a small hour circle at 12 o’clock underneath another hour indicates the vessel’s home time.

The watch has a 43 mm case that comes with the usual non-reflective sapphire window on front and back. There are two models available, one in rose gold and the other, presented here, with white gold and a marine theme with leather strap.

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