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11 Jun

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Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 01


Known for providing the world with a wide range of outstanding wrist watches, Tag Heuer is once again being praised for providing its fans with the Tag Hauer Carrera Heuer 01. The sporty design of this amazing piece of art is specifically designed for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re young or old, a Tag Heuer always looks magnificent on your wrist. The see-through design of this watch does not just make it unique and appealing, but is also said to be very practical. Like all other good watches, the Carrera also has the glow in the dark feature making it much more interesting and worthy to buy. The watch is specifically designed keeping in mind the increasing competition in the market and so far the overall sales ratio is going great.

What’s new in this watch

The Tag Hauer Carrera Heuer 01 has been specially designed after years of research and hard work. Keeping in mind the increasing demand of unique yet powerful watches, Tag Hauer has left no stone unturned. The titanium carbide coated steel and the 45-millimeter-wide case are some of the things that are new and standing out in this article. The 12-piece case construction consists of the bezel, push pieces, crystals, lugs, middle case, crown, case back and gaskets. The company logo right on the front dial of the watch makes the entire watch look very classy and appealing at the same time. Tag Hauer has opted for a dark look for this one having the steel and metal with a black coating. If you love the color black and are looking for a quality product, Carrera Heuer 01 is definitely the one for you.

Is it your money’s worth

If you’re a fan of Tag Hauer then you shouldn’t be concerned about the price of this watch. Good quality and design come with a price and that is what the Carrera Hauer 01 is all about. The company is known for providing its customers with top notch quality products for the past many decades and is still on the go to maintain its multiple years of legacy. If you’re into watches with a sporty look that have a comparatively larger frame, and match with a black bracelet, then this timepiece is for you. The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 comes with a new case, new construction, new movement, and a new overall design for TAG making it one of the best watches to circulate across the market this year.

Walk in style with Carrera  

The red and black combination of the Carrera Hauer 01 makes this article a must have. Like any good watch, the Carrera not only glows in the dark, but also has a uniquely designed panel for date which automatically updates on a daily basis. As far as the looks are concerned, it looks sporty, modern and different. The users get to see what’s happening inside the watch due to its semi see-through design. You can definitely walk in style once you plan to buy the Carrera Hauer 01.

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03 Jan

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Tsovet – An Affordable Cool


A cool watch doesn’t always mean a fancy, expensive, unusual watch. Sometimes a cool watch is that charming and elegant watch that anyone wants but doesn’t get quite that easy. It’s actually very hard to make an elegant watch that would please everybody and if you also want to keep costs down that’s probably impossible. Fortunately the guys at Tsovet have released a cool new line of watches that are not just affordable, but also extremely good looking. The watches have 42 mm cases, a great Japanese mechanism and come in really cool colors.

The overall design can be considered a bit more minimalistic combined with a few industrial lines that keep it interesting. Fortunately, for those interested, one of these watches doesn’t even cost that much. The elegant lines along with the nice elements make it a perfect gift for graduation, retirement, anniversary, you name it. It will also be loved by men all ages. The watch has a miyota movement and comes in a stainless steel case with standard push/pull crown. It also has a stainless bezel with hardened mineral crystal. The finish of each of the watches, no matter what color, is matte and the markers are beautifully detailed in white. The band is made with rubber that complements the rest of the minimalistic design beautifully. This is surely a watch for those who are looking for something to wear every day. It will go well with day to day outfits but it can also complement more elegant outfits if the event requires so there’s no need to have two watches around. With its clean design and simple lines the watch manages to fusion simplicity with functionality into something very beautiful. Also it has very visible luminous hands and markers and the 200 depth rating for those who want to go swimming with it. Also, you get to choose from the amazing colors available. Pick which one would be your best accessory since it comes in more than one color. You can get a simple black Tsovet, gunmetal color for those who are looking for a bit of an edgy design or stunning silver for those who prefer classic elegance.

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16 Sep

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Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon


                The Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Tourbillon is a gorgeous piece that will surely make people stare wherever you go. Although the original price intended for it was well over $200,000, the craftsmanship involved in its design and the unique mechanisms truly make this piece one of a kind. Here are some of its greatest features:

  1. The traveler / boating design

One of the first things everybody notices when first laying eyes on the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck is its design. Full of sea travelling and boating elements such as the anchors placed on the upper and the bottom of the watch dial, the thread system, the blue minute dials in the bottom part which remind the user of winches, which are metal spoon-like instruments used to crank up the sails and more, this beautiful piece truly encompasses what Ulysse Nardin was: a man who loved travelling. His passion for the ocean and the sea was equaled only by his love for watches. The Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck was designed as an homage to the creator of the company.

  1. The system used to change hour

There are two ways of changing the hour on the new Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Tourbillon. The first one, also the most interesting one is the one involving the intricate thread system designed to lift the navy blue jumping hour hand. By twisting a button located on the right side of the watch dial, the thread system slowly pulls the jumping hour hand to the right and when released, the small dial located on the upper side of the watch will now show a different hour. This is the perfect system to change the hour back or forth if you are travelling a lot. However, if you believe this is difficult and time consuming if you are travelling in time zones with 5-6-hour difference, you can always choose the second option. On the right side of the main dial, you will find a button. Every time you press it, the hour will change. This is a much easier option and convenient manner of changing the hour, but the first one is definitely unique.

Interesting and unique are but two of the words that describe this masterpiece. The Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Tourbillon is one of a kind and is a must own piece for all boat enthusiasts out there.

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12 Jun

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Choosing The Right Wrist Watch


A wrist watch is a very important piece of accessory, especially for men. If you want to choose a wrist watch, there are some tips you should follow because it’s really important to keep some aspects in mind, especially if you want to wear it for a long time.

Choosing a color – If you are not the type of guy who likes dressing the same, perhaps a watch with a neutral color is the perfect decision. This is great because it can be combined with all your outfits. Also, if you are a sporty person, just buy a sports watch and don’t go for the classic styles because you will barely wear them.

Bracelet or leather – it’s good to get both and if the store can offer a deal on them it’s recommended to get something you can change according to different circumstances. For example, wearing a bracelet on rainy weather can ruin it but you can change your bracelet with your leather trip under these circumstances. Also, if you want your watch to look more casual you can choose the bracelet or the leather band if you wish for a more classic look.

Go for automatic mechanism – even if the watch is extremely beautiful, it might not be convenient if it doesn’t have an automatic mechanism. An automatic mechanism makes your watch much more reliable and also more durable.  Also, if it’s a really expensive watch and you get bored with it, you can resale it at a much better price because most people prefer an automatic mechanism.

Practicability and functions – if you find yourself in the position to choose between a nice looking watch and one that has a lot of functions, it is recommended to choose the latter. You will benefit from a lot of functions such as calendar, temperature, or even altitude and that’s what a good watch is supposed to do, make your life easier. As opposite to minimalist watches, the watches with a lot of functions also look amazing so there’s not much to decide about when it comes to choosing between something that looks really good and something very practical.

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04 May

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Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 7


If there is one thing one can say about Harry Winston’s Histoire de Tourbillon series, it is this: the models this company makes are off the charts and immediately recognizable. At the same time, few can say that they have the opportunity to wear one, considering the fact that the latest model, the Histoire the Tourbillon 6 costs more than $700,000.

Histoire de Tourbillon 7 sets itself apart from the previous model through the more simplistic functions it comes with. While the 6th model numbered 700 components, the latest model comes with a little over 500 components and more than 80 jewels. It is a stunning thing to see: one big dial that displays the hours, huge dimensions (the 7th model is well over 40 millimeters wide and over 8 millimeters thick) and of course, la piece de resistance: the two tourbillons the whole watch works on which can easily be seen through the glass of the dial.

But let’s take things bit by bit. First of all, the watch comes with one dial, which was designed to give you all the information you need when it comes to time. It displays the hours and at the top of the dial, where the number ‘12’ should be, it is replaced by a crown and the letter H, which is a symbol of the company, Harry Winston.

Second of all, the two tourbillons are the key piece of this model. Like its predecessor, Histoire de Tourbillon 7 contains two tourbillons which show the movement mechanism of the watch. They slowly rotate and provide power to the hands of the dial, moving it as time passes. The two tourbillons are caught up in two different cages and they do not move at the same time, which makes their movement even more interesting to watch. This type of mechanism has defined the Histoire de Tourbillon series.

Third and last, another very useful feature this watch comes with is the rolling system down at the bottom of the dial, where the remaining power is displayed. It is worth noting that the watch comes with an 80-hour power reserve. The rolling system displays the number of hours the watch still has left before it runs out of power.

All in all, the Histoire de Tourbillon 7 is a marvelous piece worth every penny. The functions it comes with, coupled with the unique looks are perfect for all watch lovers out there.

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27 Mar

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Monsieur De Chanel


Chanel watches are known for their elegance and durability and this model is no different than the rest. The watches the company produces are more than just beauty watches: they are durable, the strap is made out of the alligator skin, the main material of the dial is 18 karat gold and many more. These are just some of the advantages of the new Monsieur de Chanel.

The first thing you notice about it is the beige 18 karat gold dial which immediately draws you in. The watch comes with two dials: the first one focuses on illustrating the hour and the minutes, while the second one presents the seconds. On top of this, you also have a small squared dial which shows the day you are in. This way, you always know what the time is and the day you are in. This is very useful for those who travel for business purposes and have to deal with time zones. With this new Monsieur de Chanel watch, you will always know what time it is at home so you will know when it is okay to call your wife or children without bothering their sleep.

Looks are not everything on the new Monsieur de Chanel watch. It comes with several very useful functions such as the winding function, which can be performed both mechanically and manually, the reserve function, which shows how much energy the watch still has before you will have to wind it and in this case, one winding can keep the watch going for up to three days and many more.

One very interesting feature of this watch is the jump hour function which may look strange to some but is at the same time revolutionary from a technical perspective. Usual watches work by displaying the time with the use of the two hands. The new Monsieur de Chanel works with disks and in order to store as much energy as possible, the hour hand jumps when the end of an hour is reached. This may be confusing to some, but it actually saves energy and is a very intriguing function!

Last but not the least, another small detail that adds to the beauty of this watch is the lion symbol which you can find on the crown of the watch. Chanel chose the lion as its symbol because it exuberates power and elegance. All in all, the Monsieur de Chanel is a great investment – it’s beautiful, modern and most importantly, it comes with lots of new functions that make your day better!

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08 Feb

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Fiona Kruger Petit Skull


Every watch made in Switzerland is known not only for its elegance but also for its excellent workmanship. Each watch made in this country is backed by more than 100 years of experience in watchmaking. Each watch is crafted by hand and is not mass produced. Instead, only a limited number of people will have the opportunity to purchase and wear the watch made from this country. These are just some of the reasons why watches made from Switzerland are considered as a symbol of excellent craftsmanship and luxury.

Fiona Krüger

This is what Fiona Krüger brought into her watch design when she first started with the manufacture of the Krüger’s Memento Mori Skull watch. Thanks to Fiona Krüger’s connection and the network she built during her college days at ECAL, she was able to find Swiss watch manufacturers to help her build the watch.

The design was entirely her own however the craftsmanship that goes into the watch is credited to the years of experience from the Swiss watch manufacturer. The fusion of the modern design and the traditional craftsmanship are what goes into every Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch.

With the meticulous design the tremendous skills required to make the watch, there is only a limited number of watch that are made. For the first batch of the watch, Fiona Krüger was able to produce only twelve (12) timepieces. The limited number of timepieces made adds to the value of each Fiona Krüger skull watch.

Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch

With the good response from women who bought her first timepieces, Fiona Krüger envisioned in making a watch that is smaller in size. This is to cater to the women who fell in love with her watches.

Fiona Krüger designed the Fiona Krüger petite skull watch. This is the fourth design by Fiona Krüger following her skull design to which she is known for. This version is smaller than the original skull watch. She brought into the design her Fine Arts Roots by using a classic technique known as guillochage. This technique is especially integrated into making the watch dials giving each of the watch certain uniqueness to it. With the help of Aurelien Bouchet’s company, Fiona’s watch designs were made into a reality. Bringing with them a huge watchmaking experience under their belt, this company from La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland, makes up the finest watchmaking team to produce the Fiona Krüger petite skull watch.

This version of Fiona Krüger watches comes in three different colors, the petite skull blue, petite skull silver and the petit skull black. Each watch color exudes a different personality that will match yours. True to her standards the Fiona Krüger petite skull watch was made in limited numbers only. There are only 18 of these timepieces made. Each of the Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watches colors were designed not only to show the uniqueness in its characteristic but also the uniqueness in its personality.

The Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch Blue

Dubbed as the Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch Bleu Royale, this timepiece is designed to reflect the light and to show every guillochage technique that was incorporated into the watch. The color defines the pattern that was incorporated into the watch to show the craftsmanship by the watchmaker and designer.

The Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch Silver

This version of the petit skull watch is also called the The Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch Argent Ancien. Similarly colored to give the watch the ability to showcase the craftsmanship done into it by reflecting light. The silver color gives the watch a metallic character which is perfect for those who love the color of silver.

The Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch Black

The black version or the Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch Noir New showcases the beautiful dark color that lines the patterns and carvings made into the watch. The elegant pattern by the guillochage is showcased by reflecting the light from its black color.

Each of the Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watches gives a unique characteristic. Each one of the 18 timepieces was handmade in Switzerland and each is powered by the mechanical movement, a traditional method of powering timepieces that require precision. This is why each part of the Fiona Krüger Petite Skull watch are designed with precisely according to its specification. All of which are done by hand, so one can only imagine how precise each cut are to make one part of this watch. Truly, the Fiona Krüger Petite Skull is another product of modern design and unmatched skills in watchmaking.

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27 Jun

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Saint Honore Tour Eiffel


Tour Eiffel is the much anticipated luxury watch that was unveiled last spring to commemorate Saint Honore’s 130th anniversary. Now, the prestigious watchmaker has released a version for ladies which exudes the same charming Parisian style perfected by using eye-catching details and precious materials.

The most fascinating and admired part of the watch is the bezel which exquisitely imitates the metallic theme of the famous Tour Eiffel. The bezel is constructed from a pale brown color and echoes the metal girders motif on various parts of the timepiece such as the winding crown, dial, gold clasp and on the oscillating weight in the movement.

Also known as “la Dame de Paris”(“Parisian Lady”), “la Grande Dame”(“Big Lady”) and “la Dame de fer”(“Iron Lady”), the Eiffel Tower has been turn by Saint Honore into a majestic presence on the luxury women watches niche. The reinterpretation of the famous Parisian monument is the reason why this timepiece is such an incredibly sought after model. It’s the most creative way of wearing on your wrist both Gustave Eiffel’s technological genius and a symbol of France.


The Saint Honore Tour Eiffel 38 mm automatic was manufactured in a limited edition of 500 pieces and it combines an exquisite ingenuity in terms of curves and shapes. It is a very stylish and enchanting model that resonates with the glamorous spirit of the age and its historical provenance.

The Tour Eiffel Lady comes with a polished warm rose round gold case, an “Éclair effect™” dial that impresses with the shine of diamond paving and an elegant brown crocodile leather strap with brown stitching on the edges. The brand also offers it in a polished steel case, white dial and a white leather strap version.

This watch is as feminine and sophisticated as it gets. The model was created to appeal to enthusiasts of chic aesthetics and fine mechanisms. The stunning 38 mm 18 k rose gold plated case was built to protect one of the most spectacular modern automatic calibers- Sellita SW 200. This mechanical self-winding mechanism offers amazing precision, high durability and the utility of a large date window.

Simply said, the Saint Honore Tour Eiffel Lady is a piece of history on your wrist. Not only the bezel is exquisitely carved from a piece of the Eiffel Tower decorated with decor “croisillons”, but the watch also has a stunning silver opened “Éclair Effect TM” dial that resonates the splendid architecture of the Eiffel Tower. The hour markers are nicely integrated in the complex dial layout by using 12 black lines graduations. Also, the minutes, hours and seconds markers are gold color and feature luminescent material for increased night legibility. The design of the dial is completed by the addition of a wide date window positioned at 6 o’clock.

Other important highlights of this precious watch are the scratch-proof sapphire crystal that shines beautifully over the dial, the “TOUR EIFFEL” embossing located on the lower part of the brown matte bezel, the brown crocodile leather strap with an “Eiffel Tower” pin buckle, 50 meters water resistance and the certificate of authenticity signed by the Eiffel Tower Committee (SETE).

Tour Eiffel Lady signed by Saint Honore is an elegant and stylish timepiece that has a unique horological character. Its distinctive design, fine choice of materials and extravagant details are a charismatic combination that defines an utterly attractive contemporary watch.

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