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28 Oct

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Best Smart Watches


The smartwatches niche is taking its first steps and until now it promises a lot of very interesting and useful innovations that will revolutionize the concept of wristwatches. At the moment, the industry offers a large selection of options, functions and features that help us get our smartphone notifications faster, keep us fit with fitness applications and allow us to do more by simply using our wrist.

There are many companies that sell very functional, fun and attractive smartwatches on the market. The available models are considerably different in terms of price, design and features. If you are planning on buying such a gadget and you don’t know which one is recommended for your style and needs, here is a list of the best smart watches around.

Apple Watch

From our point of view, this is overall the best smartwatch you can buy at the moment. The price for the Apple Watch starts at $349 and it is available in two sizes and with many different bands that are very easy to change. The reason why many people love it is that it is very simple to customize, plus it has a very readable and appealing touch screen. Its main functions are- delivering vibration alerts when you get a call, text or email, measuring your heart rate, fitness features and mobile payments. It has over 3,500 apps available and as expected it works only with an iPhone.


For this price range, it is the best smartwatch out there.  The Pebble watch cots only $99 and it offers more than 6,000 apps. Its design is colorful, comfortable and resistant to water. There are many watch faces to choose from, such as orange, white, gray, black and red. This very clever wrist gadget works with numerous fitness apps, has vibrations alerts for emails, calls and texts, and uses an ePaper display which is very legible, even in sunlight.

LG Urbane

If you are looking for the best Android Watch then LG Urbane is the right choice for you. It is a very stylish smartwatch that puts Android Wear on your wrist. The first thing you notice about this watch is its luxury vibe that is due to the stainless steel and leather combo. But it works just like any other smart watch on the market, when your Android phone receives a notification, the screen of the LG Urbane lights up. With this watch you can play games, access numerous apps, use voice commands, monitor your heart rate and stay connected all the time with the things that matter most. The price of this device is $349 and it has convinced us that it is one of the best Android watches available.

Moto 360

The best designed smart watch is the Moto 360. This model manages to impress with a classic watch look by sporting a sleek circular stainless steel case that features a 320 x 290 pixel display. This gadget comes with the Google Android Wear OS and it offers phone alerts, voice commands, a heart rate sensor and the option to recharge wirelessly. The watch is water resistant and the display is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3. The Moto 360 costs $250 and it can be purchased with a stainless steel or leather band.

Samsung Gear

When it comes to smartwatches with voice, Samsung Gear  is the best watch for the job. This clever gadget allows you to call one of your contacts right from your wrist while your phone is inside your pocket. The Samsung Gear 2 can make and receive calls due to its integrated microphone and speaker. When you are wearing it, you can also use Samsung  S Voice to search for contacts or weather info. This device costs $299 and it also offers an integrated camera and heart rate monitor.

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27 Feb

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Spider Watch


Getting a watch you like could be a hard task as there are so many models out there, you might feel confused. However, if you were looking for something completely unique, this model is what you are looking for. The Spider Watch is one of the coolest watch gadgets you ever encountered as it comes with cool features and a totally unconventional display. This watch is a new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio and it’s inspired, as you probably figured out, by a spider web. The way you can read this watch is also quite unusual and you might even feel like you have to rewire your brain in order to do so. There are hexagonal rings that look like a spider web, but with a twist. You will see that the watch will display numbers in a concentric pattern with its 4 rings. Each of the 4 rings will represent a number and you will read those numbers from the outside-in. This way you can tell time and it’s definitely unique. The watch will also feature a cool clear LCD screen that makes things even more interesting. This clear LCD screen lets you see through it, so the watch face is actually transparent with the dials standing out.

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14 Feb

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Kisai Pocket Watch


If you want to be the coolest of your friends and really impress everybody with the way you accessorize yourself, you probably know about the lovely Kisai Pocket Watch. This cool watch will bring the vintage in a whole new form, as you will manage to be extravagant with a dash of elegance. You don’t have to wear your watches on your wrist, now you can simply wear them in your pocket just like a 19th century gentleman. Also, ladies will love the originality so you can easily impress them with this wonder of technology. Such an amazing pocket watch can only be paired with an amazing outfit, so make sure that you match it with originality there too.

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29 Jan

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InPulse Smartwatch


It can seem that watches are no longer needed given the fact that we always have a phone with us that can very easily display time. InPulse has decided that watches can work with smartphones to offer a pretty interesting gadget that does not just offer a James Bond inspired look, but also proves to…

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