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05 Dec

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Gold Cartier Ballon Bleu


Cartier Ballon Bleu is the type of round watch that has a very fascinating and complex design. Its intriguing shape and weightless construction create a beautiful balance between femininity and masculinity. It appeals both our style and functionality needs with its effortless elegant look, amazing precision and versatility.

Apparently simple, the design of the Cartier Ballon Bleu surprises with rich and luxurious details. The most exquisite aesthetic touch is the sapphire cabochon which decorates the winding mechanism. Due to the sleek and refined precious metal protective arch, the blue stone looks like it is the gravitation center for the entire dial.

Like a skilled artisan, Cartier has constructed this extraordinary timepiece by using soft curves, rounded shapes and a charming mix of classic and contemporary influences. The layout of the Roman numerals is a futuristic distortion of the concept of time whereas the sapphire crystal magnifies the dial with a pinch of retro sophistication.

The name itself- Ballon Bleu- is reminiscent for a new horological dimension, one where diffracted roundness, elliptical profile and the extra-blue winding mechanism merge together in one of the most beautiful interpretations of a luxury time keeping device.  The construction of this watch represents a true work of art. Crafted from solid gold, the Cartier Ballon Bleu features a varnished silver opaline dial complemented by elegant black Roman numerals. The rounded layout of the dial is disrupted by the addition of a small date window at the 3 o’clock position. Cartier watches are notorious for their blue hands that look exquisite over the wavy patterned dial. The Ballon Bleu is no exception. The timepiece features the same slim sleek blue steel sword-shaped hands that sweep elegantly around the face of the watch. Authentic Cartier watch price is somewhere around 5,000 USD, although some exquisite models cost well over $25,000. Some people can be tempted to buy Cartier replica watch. Listen to my advice… just don’t!

The Cartier Ballon Bleu comes only in full gold version. The case, the bracelet and the clasp are manufactured from yellow or white gold which accentuates the preciosity of this wonderful design. This is also the reason why this model is so expensive and exclusivist. It represents a considerably rare timepiece that is usually custom made for some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Cartier has chosen to construct the Ballon Bleu with a very precise and durable automatic mechanism. The watch is powered by an in-house Cartier Calibre 049 automatic movement that contributes to the finesse and exquisite feel of the timepiece. To protect this expensive and artfully crafted automatic movement, the brand has developed a very complex water proofed casing system that offers resistance up to a depth of 100 meters.

Explore the art of fine watchmaking with the extraordinary Cartier Ballon Bleu. A surprising design that floats like a balloon and hides at its side a blue and charming sapphire jewel, enriching your style with a dash of elegance and sophistication.

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14 Aug

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Cartier d’Art Bengal Tiger


Cartier is one of the biggest brands in the world of fashion and when it comes to watches they maintain the same level of quality they have in all their products. The craftsmanship and amazing history the brand has behind it makes its renown easy to understand. Each timepiece is carefully manufactured in order to provide the very best materials and quality to all users.

The Cartier d’Art Bengal Tiger is a truly unique watch, one that will generate a lot of attention due to its flashy additions and interesting design. The unique aspect of this Cartier watch will definitely make it an outstanding piece in your collection and quite possibly the flashiest watch you will ever wear.

Cartier d`Art Bengal Tiger

The main feature of the watch is of course the Bengal tiger that is represented on the dial. The tiger is contoured by crystals with several scattered throughout the watch to give this Cartier its characteristic aspect. The watch can prove to be a beautiful accessory with both formal and less formal attire. Its flashy nature also makes it a centerpiece in any fashionable party you might want to attend.

The case of the watch is perfectly round and made from the finest platinum on the market. The diameter of the case is 45 mm, which makes the Cartier d’Art Bengal Tigre a rather large watch, ideal for larger wrists but with a balanced aspect which makes it look good on just about any size of wrist when it comes down to it. The thickness of the case is 12.45 mm, giving the watch a pleasant exterior aspect in terms of the diameter/thickness ratio.

The bezel is also made from high durability platinum, giving the watch a durability which matches its stunning aspect. It is not intended to be an everyday watch so the water resistance is rather low when compared to other models in its price range. It can however withstand 3 ATM or a depth of 30 meters which is more than enough in case you get it slightly wet during rainy season or while washing your hands.

The Bengal tiger mosaic is made from gemstones, giving this watch even more shine and glitter. The movement type is manual with a Cartier 9454MC caliber and a power reserve of 52 hours. Among its functions you will find an off center second and minute function as well as a unique flying tourbillon. The bracelet is made from black alligator leather while the clasp is made from white gold and has a double folding buckle.

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15 May

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Cartier Tortue Watch


Cartier is a century old brand that has become synonymous with high quality precision watch making. The French brand has created some of the most memorable watch collections that have greatly appreciated in value and have, in time, become a popular icon, represented and mentioned in movies, music and literature. Louis Cartier, the man behind this legendary brand is famed for being one of the pioneers of the wristwatch. While Cartier didn’t invent the wristwatch as many people erroneously consider, the brand did play a huge part in its success, popularizing it throughout the world with the help of its amazing technology and design.

Cartier Tortue Watch W1580050

The Cartier Tortue XXL is a stunning new addition to the Cartier collection of watches. This beautiful watch boasts a traditional Cartier design as well as a unique dial which adds a note of modernism, distinction and class to this beautiful timepiece.

The Tortue XXL boasts a mechanical movement with automatic winding, making it extremely durable and reliable, as well as a giving it a timeless quality which will only make it grow in value over time. The case is made from 18 karat white gold which also comes with an octagonal crown bejeweled with a sapphire. The case is quite elegant; combining the very best of the traditional Cartier design with a durable exterior that will ensure your watch will look spotless for years to come.

The watch also impresses through its traditional guilloche dial, one of the brand’s trademarks. Other details such as the openwork grid give the watch a pleasant sense of depth and sophistication while the silver detailing has a sunray effect to give even more detail. Other elements of the watch face are the black Roman numerals and the blue ocean map which in combination with the silvered dial creates the most visible element which is an opened plan map of the world.

The Tortue also comes with a black alligator leather strap and an adjustable folding buckle which is made from the same 18 karat white gold of the watch case. Among the watch’s many functions you will find a time zone complication with a specially designed cities disk which indicates time according to the summer, winter time or day and night reference.

The watch is 45 mm in diameter with a total of 287 parts 27 of which are jewels. It is water resistant for up to 100 feet or 30 meters and has a sapphire crystal and case back for extra durability and protection.

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16 Jun

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Cartier Rotonde Tourbillon Volant


This amazing Cartier Rotonde Tourbillon Volante is an extremely well-crafted watch with a beautiful elegant style to it. The watch has been featured in many magazines and profile shows and definitely managed to gain a lot of popularity among both connoisseurs and amateur watch lovers. The watch is beautifully crafted from high quality materials and comes in more than one version, making it the perfect gift to anyone, no matter what their taste in watches is, or even the perfect accessory for yourself. You can easily find more affordable stainless steel versions or if you want to make sure that you are wearing the best of the best, you can go for the gold version, which looks amazing and it’s also adorned with precious stones.

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24 Apr

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Cartier Santos


Elegance is a fleeting concept. It’s delicate and very easy to overdue, also very hard to distil. When it comes to watches no brand has managed to capture true elegance and style the way Cartier has. All Cartier collections have an amazing sense of style and proportion, a very imaginative play with classic watch elements and a fantastic build quality. The Cartier Santos Stainless Steel is a fantastic watch part of a truly fantastic collection. This is more than a simple watch collection, it has a history behind it that few watches and indeed few watch companies can brag with. The Cartier Santos is inspired by the friendship Louis Cartier had with the Brazilian pioneer aviator Alberto Santos Dumont. Santos’ desire to be able to tell time while flying was enough of an idea for Louis Cartier to produce the first ever wristwatch, something much more practical than the pocket watches that were very popular at the time. This watch coupled with Santos’ popularity and the end of the 20th century truly made a big impact in the way wrist watches we’re perceived and are perceived today.

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11 Apr

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Cartier Ballon Bleu


Being one of the most recognizable watch brands in the world makes Cartier watches have that extra something in the elegant design of its watches, that extra something that can sometimes make the difference between something of great value that will be appreciated for many years to come and something that is just well built. The fantastic Ballon Bleu collection, introduced to the public just a few short years ago has truly become the epitome of taste and quality. A series that manages to impress through both its fantastically elegant design as well as through its precision and quality. The round pebble shape of the watch gives off a fantastic floating effect when worn around the wrist. Its elegant design features as well as the classic recognizable Cartier elements like the roman numerals and the sword shaped hands give this watch the perfect blend of old Cartier style and innovative futuristic design to make this collection a classic that will become even more popular in the future.

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13 Mar

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Cartier Pasha in White


Are you having a special event coming up and don’t know how to accessorize yourself? We’ve got the right watch for you; it’s a simple, but stunning watch that will surely make a long lasting impression on those around you. The watch we are talking about is the Cartier Pasha Watch in White, a timepiece with elegant design, but one that also encompasses modern lines.

Cartier is a brand that has been founded in 1847 and has gained popularity overtime become one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. It manufactures and sells jewelry and watches and its products are recognized to be bought only by famous people or those who are definitely over average.

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