Cartier Pasha in White

by · March 13, 2013

Are you having a special event coming up and don’t know how to accessorize yourself? We’ve got the right watch for you; it’s a simple, but stunning watch that will surely make a long lasting impression on those around you. The watch we are talking about is the Cartier Pasha Watch in White, a timepiece with elegant design, but one that also encompasses modern lines.

Cartier is a brand that has been founded in 1847 and has gained popularity overtime become one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. It manufactures and sells jewelry and watches and its products are recognized to be bought only by famous people or those who are definitely over average.

If you are looking for accessories or timepieces that are exquisite, Cartier should be the first stop in your search; it has been behind a lot of famous jewelries worn by celebrities along the years. What you probably don’t know about the brand is the fact that it is also a favorite brand of royalty all over the world in countries like England, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania or Belgium. This makes Cartier a brand that is not just famous but a symbol of power and great taste. Also, it includes rare accessories that come in limited editions, and they also use a great array of precious stones from rubies and sapphires to diamonds.  As you can see, the watches and actually all products created by the company are designed to perfection, which makes the company what it is today, one of the first luxury manufacturing companies in the world. The name of the collection comes from the Turkish “pasha” which means a man of top rank; it is obvious why Cartier addresses famous people or movie celebrities, it’s a watch for those with high rank.

cartier pasha White

The particular model presented here comes with a great white design with simple markings, but quite modern in appearance, making this watch a great opportunity for those who prefer elegant but modern watches. The watch also has a 38mm case, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t want something oversized on their wrist; but you can also find models in the collection that have 42 mm or 32 mm.

Cartier is not just a watch, but a celebration of design, a timepiece with strong lines, but soft styles incorporated in it. The Pasha Collection is one of the first water resistant collections due to the screw down case and has been a popular selection during the 40s due to its sleek design and comfort while wearing it. The new collection, however, managed to transform the retro watches into completely unique timepieces that are appreciated today by customers with various tastes.

If you are one of those who appreciate the finer things in life, Cartier Pasha in White is a great watch for you; it’s a powerful timepiece with an exquisite design, modern touches, but classical lines. Cartier Pasha is a watch that will give you great satisfaction while you wear it.

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