Cartier Ballon Bleu

by · April 11, 2013

Being one of the most recognizable watch brands in the world makes Cartier watches have that extra something in the elegant design of its watches, that extra something that can sometimes make the difference between something of great value that will be appreciated for many years to come and something that is just well built. The fantastic Ballon Bleu collection, introduced to the public just a few short years ago has truly become the epitome of taste and quality. A series that manages to impress through both its fantastically elegant design as well as through its precision and quality. The round pebble shape of the watch gives off a fantastic floating effect when worn around the wrist. Its elegant design features as well as the classic recognizable Cartier elements like the roman numerals and the sword shaped hands give this watch the perfect blend of old Cartier style and innovative futuristic design to make this collection a classic that will become even more popular in the future.

This amazing series is truly a modern classic, with its innovative controversial design and the classic Cartier build quality it will stand out on any wrist, and give its wearer an air of distinction and class that only a prestigious brand like Cartier could. The name Ballon Bleu comes from the sapphire cabochon crown incorporated in the round case.

White Ballon Bleu Cartier

This fantastic watch is designed for both men and women. It comes in three sizes giving a total of nineteen different versions. It is a watch that can truly be worn to any occasion, being delicate and elegant enough for high class, social gatherings, but durable and with a simple enough design to be worn to other types of events.

The history of this amazing brand stretches for over 165 years, and spans the entire globe. It started in Paris in 1847 when Louis Cartier founded the company, but it was his sons and grandsons that made the Cartier watch brand famous worldwide, moving the headquarters in Paris opening a branch in New York in 1909 and another one in London after that. After the 1972 sale of the company to a group of investors led by Joseph Kanoui the company had a tumultuous couple of years until the entire brand with all its branches came under one leadership in 1981. Since then, appointed chairman of the company Dominique Perrin founded the Cartier Foundation of Contemporary Art, with the goal of keeping the brand fresh by forming an association with living artists.

The popularity of the Ballon Bleu series is attested by the many movie stars that wear it; stars that range from Johnny Depp to Melanie Griffith to the much younger Sophia Vergara. This amazing collection truly is one of the most revolutionary series of time pieces that has graced wrists in the past few years. It’s fantastic build quality, it’s mix of new and old, it’s futuristic and innovative design have made this watch a highly coveted item, an item that seems to keep growing in popularity and appreciation.

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