14 Feb

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Glashütte Pano Matic Venue


The Glashütte Pano Matic collection is one of the most popular created by the brand. The watches are not just great to look at, but they also feature outstanding mechanisms such as the GUB 90-04 automatic with 28,800 vph and 47 jewels. This is improved by the incabloc shock absorption and the duplex swan’s neck regulator and skeletonized rotor. The design also incorporates a central time display with various minimalistic touches that make the watch even more stylish.

Glashüte_Pano Matic Venue

But when it comes to design people shouldn’t expect the watch to be imposing as it features an average 39mm diameter, which is what most people feel it would look good on their hand. This particular model comes with a stainless steel case; however, other models come with case and other elements like the screws that are made with 18 karat gold. Also the watch features a non-reflective sapphire resistant glass in front and back. It comes with the usual functions such as hours, minutes, seconds, date and power reserve; also, the date is shown in the lower right portion of the watch and moves in conjunction with the 24hour sub dial. With its polished surfaces, the dial becomes more and more attention grabbing, culminating with the satin finished elements. Even the polished hour and minute circle is extremely nicely fitted in the design and the small seconds sub dial beautifully inserts itself into the line of the main dial creating a unique style in the inner area. There’s no doubt that this watch makes a great visual impact and definitely adds value to the outfit and a certain social status to its wearer.

The case of the watch is attached to an extremely comfortable and good looking bracelet that makes the watch a worthy accessory for both casual and elegant attire.  Also, the steel bracelet is simple enough not to grab the attention from this beautiful accessory. If you want a watch that is elegant and has a unique and special touch to it without being too edgy, the Glashütte Pano Matic in steel might be the perfect candidate with its great precision and style.

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19 Jan

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Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold


The collaboration between Hublot and Ferrari lead to the creation of a new amazing watch collection. The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold is one of the limited edition watches part of that collection and undoubtedly a marketing success, with people all over the world wanting one. A carbon made case with sapphire glass within a King Gold model that comes with black ceramic and carbon fiber, all these are probably reasons why this watch was considered so awesome. Besides that the watch comes in two variants, the Magic Gold and the Titanium. Here we will talk about the Magic Gold edition that only had 500 pieces made. This was the world’s first scratch-resistant 18K gold watch. This timepiece features the prancing horse from Ferrari on the dial and also the “Ferrari” emblazoned chrono pushers with a five-spoke wheel design for the rotor. And when it comes to the movement, the watch has the popular Hublot in-house UNICO series with the Hub1241 UNICO flyback column-wheel chronograph.

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03 Jan

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Girard-Perregaux Chronograph


Several watch companies have impeccable standards, use the best materials available and have a tradition of excellence. They produce amazing time pieces that are passed down and treasured by generations to come. Then there are watch companies that do all that and simply have that extra something to make them classics; that takes them one step forward and make them a statement, a benchmark of human excellence. The Girard-Perregaux Chronograph has all the levels of manufacturing excellence, plus that extra bit of character to make it a classic watch.

Often enough classic is confused with antiquated. However, in its case the Girard-Perregaux Chronograph doesn’t only use the latest technologies available but the manufacturing process that creates the ceramic case is extremely complex and intricate. The case starts off as a ceramic powder made mostly out of zirconium oxide. It is then mixed with an array of polymers and baked in a 1500 degree Celsius oven until the hard, smooth perfect case is obtained. It isn’t only hard but also proves to be quite resistant to wear and tear while being light and hypoallergenic for those with a predisposition to certain rashes.

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20 Dec

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How to Find the Serial Numbers on a Rolex Watch


Finding the serial number on a Rolex is critical to verifying its authenticity. Before purchasing a Rolex, you should always look at the serial number and compare it to that on any paperwork you are given with the watch to be sure that all is in order. Further, you should know the model number to be sure that the watch you buy is the one you believe you are getting. Many models of Rolex look very similar but they are actually different models.

However, the model and serial numbers are not simply printed on the back of a Rolex. You must know how to locate them and how to open up the wrist band connectors on your watch to find these important numbers. It is also important to know how to reassemble your Rolex after locating these numbers.

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09 Sep

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Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk


A beautiful watch fit for people with exquisite taste, the Girard Perregaux Chrono Hawk is definitely something to wish for. Although this collection dates from the 40’s it managed to have a new 21 century look in this remade version. The watch features a chronograph and it seems that the brand managed to get more attention to sports watches too.

Although this watch features a classic look, it’s definitely a modern improvement to the old watch and certainly to the Girard-Perregax watches, creating a whole new market for their products and perhaps attracting younger customers.  This watch series definitely focuses a lot on getting more resistant and rougher watches and it probably managed to do so in a very high end way.

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23 Aug

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Franck Muller Giga Tourbillon Round Skeleton


The talented watchmaker Frank Muller was a specialist in Haute Horlogerie and together with Vartan Sirmakes he became well known by creating hundreds of watches that stand proof of his talent. Here, Frank Muller is honored with this beautiful Giga Tourbillon Round Skeleton, a watch created for the 2012 World Presentation of haute Horlogerie.

This absolutely stunning timepiece definitely became one of the most notable works and the big tourbillon will make this watch pleasant to look at and definitely unique. It comes with symmetrical skeletonization and a beautiful dial finish and movement that will completely set it apart from other watches out there. Also, the watch has a 10 day power reserve that is offered by the 16mm barrels, yet another amazing aspect of it.

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09 Aug

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph


The Royal Oak Offshore Series form Audemers Piguet has been having a lot of success, and there are many people who aren’t necessarily watch connoisseurs that know about this collection. Apparently it was so famous and so magazines wrote about it, that it became a very mainstream topic. This collection is a remade version of the Offshore collection that was created in 1992, a collection that featured big and a bit rough looking watches. The Royal Offshore takes that collection and makes sure that the original watches are taken and recreated in a more wearable manner with smaller shapes and more delicate lines.

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19 Jul

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Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger The Legacy


Audemars Piguet managed to impress everyone by coming out with this lovely Arnold Schwarzenegger watch, apparently a watch that was made in limited edition for him. The series also included T3 and End of Days as watches so everybody who was a fan or simply liked the design was allowed to buy these pieces. However, this series, called The Legacy is very limited as it only contains about 1,500 watches, so if you want one, you should probably hurry. Another interesting thing about these watches is the fact that the money will be going to a charity foundation so it’s definitely a good thing to buy a watch if you want to help. Also, let’s not forget the fact that being a limited edition, this watch will have a better and better value in time, so don’t see it as just buying an accessory, see it as an investment.

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03 Jul

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A.Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Tourbillon Pour le Mérite


The A.Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Tourbillon Pour le Mérite is definitely a good release when it comes to new technology watches combined with a classic and elegant design. This beautiful watch features exquisite touches and is definitely an exclusive series, meant only for those who can afford it and those who have a certain social status.

It features a fuse and chain transmission that are visible on the dial; also you will see that this way the watch will be much more accurate but also quite unique as few watches feature this type of mechanism. Another thing that you will notice about this amazing watch is the fact that it has a three subdial regulator style display that are overlapping, tourbillon and a stop seconds mechanism but the mechanism seems to be quite vintage making this modern watch a sort of statement for beautiful vintage touches and technology. Each of the dials represents hours, minutes and seconds in a very unique arrangement. The watch also has manually wound movement Calibre L072.1 and a 36 hour power reserve. Another interesting thing about it is the fact that it features a hairspring that was manufactured by the brand and it seems that they only use them in their special watches.

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16 Jun

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Cartier Rotonde Tourbillon Volant


This amazing Cartier Rotonde Tourbillon Volante is an extremely well-crafted watch with a beautiful elegant style to it. The watch has been featured in many magazines and profile shows and definitely managed to gain a lot of popularity among both connoisseurs and amateur watch lovers. The watch is beautifully crafted from high quality materials and comes in more than one version, making it the perfect gift to anyone, no matter what their taste in watches is, or even the perfect accessory for yourself. You can easily find more affordable stainless steel versions or if you want to make sure that you are wearing the best of the best, you can go for the gold version, which looks amazing and it’s also adorned with precious stones.

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